Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Two days out people were asking me if I had packed yet for my trip... I had not, lol. I am bad about packing early as I can usually get packed within a day. However, I have never packed for a three month duration. It's funny how something can mean so much to you until you realize it won't fit into your suitcase and there are more necessary items that need to fit. I even found the largest suitcase we had! Looking at Wales' weather, it will be in the mid 60's-50's and low chances of rain the whole first week I am there. No more shorts and tank tops for me... That makes one less thing to pack, but then things like an umbrella, rain jacket, and boots a necessity to pack.
Pack, pack, pack away.
Got to get ready straightaway!
What an adventure this will be!
Such excitement! Such glee!
Pants, socks, belt, shirts.
Working out? yeah, pack a tank and shorts.
I'll pack a dress, maybe another...
Don't forget Mr. Teddy Bear!
I will make these boots fit.
I'd like to look my best, I admit.
The case is getting full, but there's so much more!
I need an undetectable extension charm right about now...

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