Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Adventures at Aber

It's freshers week at Aber and all of the clubs are advertising to come and join them! There's movies playing, free food at restaurants, all the clubs are allowing people to come and try out what they do, and lots of the chaos that comes before school starts, so a lot like Purdue. Except here we are by the sea and are located by a quaint quiet town that is really lovely. I signed up for classes! I am taking Animal Bioscience, Ethology, and Marine Biology. I can't wait to start these classes! Lots more clubs to check out!
Saw a movie, Cafe Society, in the art
cinema with these lovely ladies!~photo by L.T.
Club call outs are upon us! Went kayaking with the canoeing club.
 (They don't own any canoes so I'm not sure where the name came
 from.) But I had a blast!

First time in a wet suit! A very interesting experience.

The kayaks were shorter than I am used to and took some getting
used to. With the river so close to the sea the water was choppy and it
made the experience even more interesting. Lots of water got into my
kayak. But a lot of fun nevertheless!

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