Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Walk Around

I have done a lot of walking in the last week. The campus isn't that big and the town really isn't that far away, but there are hills everywhere. So I've been getting in a lot of exercise just getting to different places. This is a compilation of pictures that I've taken while out walking on campus, in town, and on Constitution Hill:
They treat their bikes really good here. I'm a bit jealous. Purdue needs these!
I live in Pentre Jane Morgan. Commonly it is known as the student village. It's a lot of flats all together with the feel of being in a house rather than a dorm. I really like it so far!
There are a few random telephone booths around.
No real phones in the booth but they add to the atmosphere :)

These slugs are everywhere. Literally everywhere.
I have to watch where I walk on the sidewalks, especially
after it rains which is often, so I don't step on any of the little guys.

Finding my way to Constitution Hill:
A golf course with a view of the sea!

Constitution Hill:
It's faint because of the time of day, but if you look close you can see
coastline in the distance that goes on for quite a ways.

Disc golf!

There is a train that comes up the hill but part of the
fun is walking up and seeing the sights on the way.

Such a cute quaint town:
Most of the buildings are different colors and I absolutely love it!

And yes I had to post a picture of sheep. It's Wales :)

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