Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chocolate and Shops!

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!! I visited Cadbury World today in Birmingham with the International/ERASMUS group. It was such a great tour of delicious treats and chocolate history. They had an interactive tour of how chocolate came about and how Morgan Anderson started Cadbury. The free chocolate samples were a definite plus!

Discovering cocoa trees.

Hernan Cortez with the Mayans and bringing chocolate back to his home.

Where Cadbury magic began: in a tea shop. Chocolate drink was an alternative to drinking alcohol.

Creme eggs!

Advertisements through the years.

Some interesting things all made out of chocolate.

Cadbury's largest chocolate shop!

A trip into Birmingham:
Bullring Markets. It used to be a place where people brought their livestock in to sell, hence bullring. Now it is a massive market full of many different shops. Two of the main buildings were three story malls. There was also a Chinatown, open flea markets, historic buildings, and lots of good food!

Everyone wants a picture with the bull!
Caramel coffee froppo!


Council House:

Art Gallery:

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