Saturday, October 22, 2016


Embarking on my first adventure solo! I took a train from Aber to a little town down the coast, Borth. With rocky beaches, sheep everywhere, and great views, I had a nice quiet day exploring.
I absolutely love how the houses are different colors. I keep on seeing it and I can't resist posting more pictures.

A cute little church

I met these cuties on my way to the zoo. They kindly posed while I played with settings on my camera.

What a view to be mowing hay with!

And of course more sheep.

St. Matthew's Church
Borth Animalarium Zoo:

Albino Wallaby!

My favorite zoo animal! Look at that smug grin!

Palm Civet

St. Matthew's Church at a distance.

Borth Train Station Museum:

The people who have renovated this quaint station stop into a museum are to be commemorated for their efforts. Three rooms full of history!

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