Thursday, October 6, 2016

Devil's Bridge

The Legend of Devil's Bridge:
Long ago, there was once an old lady who lived by the river "Mynach." One day her cow crossed the river and because of the deep chasm she could not get her cow. The devil appeared and said that he would build her a bridge, but on one condition. The bargain was that he would receive the soul of the first being that crossed the bridge. The lady agreed with the devil. He thought that the lady would cross, but she was smarter. She threw a crust of bread to the other side of the bridge. Her dog was chasing! The devil had the soul of her dog... and the old lady had her cow returned.

There was indeed a bridge. Three bridges on top of each other actually. As well as two steep trails and a tall majestic waterfall that pounded the rocks below it so that thoughts were hard to hear.
The first walk:

The Devil's Punch Bowl

The second walk:
Picture by MvZ.

This picture and next by MvZ.

No limestone here. Rock like shale made up most of the trails
if it wasn't rock that was carved out into a trail instead.

Coins jammed into a stump.

Such a clever and artistic person to give the caretaker of the forest a face. 

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