Sunday, November 27, 2016


Yesterday I traveled to the capital of Wales, Cardiff, with the Aberystwyth International Group. I've got to admit Edinburgh is still my favorite UK capital but Cardiff definitely had a few charms. There were quite a few buildings with Greek or roman god statues, beautifully tall spires, Wales' dragons, and tons of gorgeous Christmas lights! They had a really nice Christmas market. There were quite a few stands with handmade crafts on sale. There was also a rugby game scheduled to go on later that day so there were lots of carts with people selling tickets, hats, game face paint, scarves, etc. for the game. It got crowded with people coming for the game the later it became in the day. Here are the pictures I took while exploring the city:

National Museum of Cardiff

Cardiff University

War Memorial

Cardiff Castle:

The Animal Wall

Streets of Cardiff:

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

Christmas Market:

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

I stopped into the Doctor Who Experience. I've only seen two episodes so far so really didn't understand a lot of what I saw. I was mainly there to get something for the Doctor Who fans in my life, lol.

Memorial for those lost at sea.


Beautiful tile inside the Pierhead.

I loved this sculpture with water flowing down it.

The City Parish Church of St John The Baptist Church:

Christmas lights!

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

Photo courtesy of J.vD.

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