Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pen Dinas and Fireworks!

November 5
Pen Dinas is a hill opposite of Constitution Hill down on the seafront of Aberystwyth. I headed out not really knowing how to get to the top. So after backtracking a bit of the coastal walk of the hiking club, treading into the unknown, and then giving up on the walking trail and blazing a path up a sheep trail, I managed to get to the top. It was a beautiful day for a climb!

Best of both: a pond and the sea!

These pretty flowers are all over the pastures here on thorny bushes. They add blooming color to the landscape!

The sheep trail I followed up to the top.... If you can even see it.... It was just a little steep.

Cattle on a hill and a town below!

Remember remember the 5th of November...
Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night/Firework Night is a holiday that Great Britain recognizes as the time Guy Fawkes did not blow up the House of the Lords with King James in it. Apparently Fawkes was with a group who thought it would be better to have a Catholic head of state rather than a Protestant so took it upon themselves to see it through. It failed and Fawkes was killed as punishment. People still celebrate the occasion with fireworks and bonfires. I went with a few girls to supper and then wandered around some bonfires on the beach before watching fireworks :)
Dessert!!! And no I did not eat this all by myself, I had help :pp

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