Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Shrewsbury, Wales

October 29, 2016
I ventured to Shrewsbury Saturday with some friends. It was a really nice little town full of old churches, shops, and a castle! The river makes a loop around the town and there were some really pretty views by the river. The churches were really old and it made me realize how much history were in places like this.
Berry scone with hot chocolate!

Old Market Hall:

Christmas decorations already!

Off to market hall, the big clock in the foreground.

Market Hall:

St. Chad's:

The Quarry, a riverside park:

There were bits of artwork like this all over the park adding a nice touch to the atmosphere.

Kingsland Bridge

Shrewsbury Cathedral:

Shrewsbury Abbey:

Such a huge and glorious organ!

The English Bridge:

St. Mary's:

Shrewsbury Castle & Regimental Museum:

Laura's Tower
View from Laura's Tower:

Shrewsbury Library:

Shrewsbury Railway Station:

There were creepy heads on either side of all the windows....
Dana Prison:

St. Alkmund's:

And more random pictures from around town:

Burger and chips at the Lyon's Den. Yum!
The Poor House Pub was such a unique place. One of the ceiling lights was made up of three trombones and there were saxophones with lights in them on the wall. All of the waiters were dressed up for Halloween with Dia de los Muertos makeup. Their menu book had steampunk pictures through out it. Would definitely recommend as their cocktails were delicious as well.

It reminds me of Heimerdinger!

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